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MAM.tek is a group of young architects, which their proffessional expirience and skills in the field of architecture design, interior design and 3d visualisation, gain since 2011. The basic concept of this group is based on creating unique ambients that are adjusted to the needs of an contemporary man. One of the things that can be noticed on every design is using of contemporary technologies. With their implementation in designs, we are trying to show importance of experimenting, designing various elements and their fitting in one compact product, with basic aspiration to achieve harmony of materials, colors and technologies. order to form a harmonious spaces, comfortable for living or work, with every new design we are trying to be very studious, using as a primary principle our clients needs. As we are aware of how contemporary people think, our approach is creative, but with a dose of reality that is necessary for projects to be realised. Parallel with solving of functional units within project, each design is checked in the 3D model, so that the client can at any time have a whole picture of our entire idea. So, in the end, we can say that the basic tendency of MAM.tek is a connection of different structural elements and experimenting with form and materials, responding to changes and improvement of social, cultural and technological scene of modern life. These processes are supported with using computer design in creating of architectural form.


Marko Filipović  (MSc Arch)    Marina Mijatović  (MSc Arch)    Aleksandar Branković  (MSc Arch)



    e-mail: office@mamtek.com

    adress: Kralja Milana 8, 11000 Belgrade

    phone number: +381 64 46 13 425







    Marko Filipović, MSc Arch   +381 64 46 13 425

    Aleksandar Branković, MSc Arch   +381 64 44 64 818

    Marina Mijatović, MSc Arch.    +381 64 23 36 218